Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions

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Semi permanent lash extensions are applied to your natural lash with an eye safe adhesive. These can be used to add length, curliness, fullness and thickness whilst enhancing the appearance of your natural lash.  

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To achieve a ‘Classic Set’ of semi permanent lashes a single lash is applied to each of your natural lashes. Everyone has different lashes so the appointment will vary between 1.5 - 2 hours so please keep this in mind when booking. While I am still practising time will vary.

Opening Times:
9:30am - 18:30pm
9:30am - 19:00pm
9:30am - 20:00pm
9:30am - 18:00pm
9:00am - 16:00pm
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Your appointment will include:

*A full consultation.

*Cleansing of each eye before the application of your lashes.

*Lower lashes secured using under eye gel pads/ micropore tape to avoid them getting stuck to your upper lashes.

*Lash Mapping, this will ensure your lashes are even and are the right style for your eyes and face.

*Tweezers will be used to isolate each individual eyelash before the lash extension is applied on top.

*New lashes will be dried and gently combed through.

*Gel pads/ Micropore tape will be removed and you will then be able to see your new lashes.

Long Lashes

Hair Growth & Cycles


We have 3 stages of hair growth. 

Anagen - Active growth stage, varies in length but usually 3-6 weeks for eyelashes. Only 40% of the upper lashes and 15% of the lower lashes are in this stage at any one time.

Catagen - Changing stage, growth stops and no pigment is made. This stage lasts between 2-4 weeks

Telogen - Resting stage, longest of all 3 stages. This stage can last 3-4 months for eyelashes. New hair starts to grow pushing the old hair out, shedding natural.

Semi permanent lashes will not ruin your natural lash if applied correctly and with proper maintenance appointments and after care. Since each lash extension is attached to a single eyelash, they will fall out naturally along with the growth cycle of each natural lash. We recommend a maintenance appointment every two to three weeks so you are able to wear your new lashes for long periods of time without damage to your natural lashes. However, if we feel you would benefit from having a break, we would advice you returning to us for a removal and allowing 2-4 weeks before reapplication.


You will be required to have a patch test done before your initial full set 48 hours prior to your appointment.


Please come to your appointment with nothing on your eyes as make-up, heavy creams and lotions can cause a barrier between the products. Contact lenses should also be removed prior to the treatment.