Gel Polish

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Gel Polish is more durable than nail polish and highly chip - resistant even for those who work with their hands.

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As gel polish last considerably longer than nail polish, this requires fewer trips to the salon. Gel polish last for two to three weeks, needing appointments only because of the natural growth of the nail near the cuticle.

Gel polish is curable in seconds and dries instantly, so there is no need to worry about smudges, track marks and ruined manicures or pedicures. It also dries quickly to a shiny enduring high gloss finish.

We offer a wide range of colours that just keep on growing.

Gel polish application is similar to nail polish. We apply a coat of base coat to cleansed and primed nails, followed by two coats of colour of your choice, we then apply a high gloss top coat. We cure all gel polishes using a LED lamp.

Gel Polish Home Removal

Break the seal of the topcoat using a file or buffer.

Apply Nurture Oil round the cuticle to keep them supple and protected.

Soak a cotton pad in acetone and apply over the nail, wrap the finger in foil and wait 5-10 minutes.

Do one hand at a time.

Using a orangewood stick start scraping the product off the nail.

If some of the product seems hard to remove, reapply the acetone for a few more minutes.

After you have removed all product buff all 10 nails and apply Nurture Oil.