Spray Tanning

Your tan will develop over the next 8 hours, loose clothing should be worn till you shower.

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  • Have a shower after 8 hours to wash off the guide tan using a PH balanced wash. Do not use dove body wash or shower gel it will strip the tan and will leave it patchy. Also do not use products with lemon in them, this will also strip your tan.

  • Do not exercise or use a sauna or steam room while your tan develops.

  • Pat dry your body after your shower.

  • Do not exfoliate excessively make sure that it is done lightly and evenly and wait 4 days till you exfoliate after your tan.

  • Do use moisturiser everyday after your tan, this will help the tan last and evenly fade.

  • If you are out in the sun you still need to apply sun protection cream. 

  • When you want to remove any traces of tan that is left, apply baby oil and leave for a few hours. wash as normal and thoroughly exfoliate. 

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