Semi Permanent Lash Extension

Following the correct aftercare will ensure that your lashes look great for longer.
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*The first 24 hours after your lashes have been applied are crucial to their longevity. Please make sure you follow our aftercare advice.

*DO NOT get your new lashes wet within the first 12-24 hours as water can weaken the adhesive before it is set and cause lashes to fall off. 

*DO clean your new lashes every day. Using an oil free foaming or gel cleanser lightly massage at the base of extensions and along the eyelid. Splash with plenty of water and very carefully pat dry. Some people are under the impression that they should be left alone but this is not the case.

*DO NOT use saunas, steam rooms and pools for 48hrs. This is for safety reasons as well as longevity of application. 

*DO use the brush provided. Only brush the tips if you feel they need it, don’t go to the base as you risk unhooking the extension. This is best used after exposure to a lot of water i.e. showering or swimming.

*DO NOT pick at the lashes and avoid excessively rubbing your eyes. If you experience any itching or irritation, please return immediately and if necessary we will remove.


*DO return to the salon for checks and infills at regular intervals. We recommend every three to four weeks.


*DO NOT clean with cotton, it will hook onto the base of the lash and tear it free: face wipes, cotton pads and flannels should all be avoided.


*DO get in touch if you need any advice between maintenance appointments.


*DO NOT use mascara on your extensions. Your extensions are designed to look long and natural without clumps or smudges. It will also mean we can’t rebalance your extensions and they will shed very quickly.