Following a home-care routine will ensure your pedicure will last and keep your nails and feet healthy and strong.
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  • Apply moisturiser daily to keep skin soft and healthy.

  • Apply Nurture Oil to cuticles to keep them soft.

  • Have regularly pedicures to main healthy nails and feet.

  • Wash feet daily, finishing with a cold water rinse. Make sure to dry feet thoroughly, particularly between the toes.

  • Rasp feet regularly to remove hard skin. Do this after showering followed by applying moisturiser.

  • Scrubbing the feet briskly with a small firm brush not only helps to clean them but also stimulates the blood circulation and has an invigorating effect on the feet. Do this after your shower.

  • Always file toenails straight to prevent ingrowing nails.

  • Always apply base coat to protect the nail and prevent staining.

  • Always apply top coat to polished toes to prevent chipping.

  • Wear correct shoe size and swap regularly to prevent foot odor.

  • Wear open toed shoes when getting a pedicure, to stop your nail colour getting ruined.

  • Excessively sweaty feet should be wiped twice a day with cologne or surgical spirit. These products have a cooling astringent effect on the skin. follow by applying a liberal dusting of foot powder.

  • Keep nails trimmed and filed to prevent splits and infections.

  • Every 2-4 weeks have a maintenance pedicure.