IBX Nail Treatments

Following correct aftercare will ensure you get the full benefit of your nail treatment.
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  • Apply Nurture Oil to your cuticles every night before going to bed. This will produce stronger, more flexible and non-flaking natural nails.

  • Be careful when using suntan oils/repellent, tinted lotion, tanning or hair products as they can cause discolouration to your natural nails. Wear gloves and always wash hands after use.

  • Use protective gloves for housework, gardening, DIY etc.

  • Moisturise your hands after washing. This will allow the skin to stay smooth and youthful.

  • Take care when opening can rings and car doors.

  • Do not bite or pick at your nails as this will cause your natural nails to become week and chip.

  • Keep nails at a moderate length.

  • Metal files should be avoided as they create heat in the nails which dries the natural moisture and weakens them. 

  • Maintenance appointments will be dependent on course of treatment, you can discuss this with your therapist.

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