IBX Nail Treatments

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IBX is a two part penetrating, curable monomer system.

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9:30am - 14:00pm
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IBX Nail Treatments, IBX, Nails

IBX Repair is firstly applied to any areas of damage on the nails and heated under a infrared lamp for 1 minute, it is then blotted before going into the LED lamp to be cured.

I will then apply IBX Strengthen to all ten nails, for first application you will have two applications of IBX Strengthen. First application will be put under the infrared lamp for 4 minutes, blotted and then placed into the LED lamp to be cured. I will then apply your second coat of IBX Strengthen, this will then be put under the infrared lamp for a further 2 minutes before being blotted and placed back under the LED lamp to be cured.

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It is recommended that you leave 7 days between appointments on natural nails and have ongoing appointments at every Gel Polish reapplication appointment.

Unlike other nail treatments IBX works inside the nail not on top!

IBX Repair

IBX Repair is an intense treatment used to improve imperfections and weakness in the natural nail that prevents nails from growing. The repair also improves nail plate integrity under gel polish.

IBX Repair can be used to
Treat weak, thin and damaged nails.
A complete protective shield under gel polish.
Helps reduce white spots.
It can also be appllied specifically to targeted damaged areas such as


Free edge delamination.

IBX Strengthen

Penetrating toughening agent, IBX Strengthen fuses the top layers of the nails together to improve plate integrity under gel polish and strengthening natural nails so they grow long and stronger.

IBX toughens the upper layers of the nail plate.

Multiple treatments fill up deep grooves resulting in a smoother nail plate.

Natural nail colour and appearance improved.