Acrylic nail ENhancements

Following the correct aftercare will ensure your nails stay healthy and look great for longer.
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  • Take extra care within the first 24 hours, your acrylic nails are still polymerise.

  • Apply Nurture Oil to cuticle twice a day to maintain flexibility and more importantly underneath the free edge to rehydrate and condition the natural nail.

  • If nails become to long for your lifestyle and activity shorten the length with a 240 grit file. (can be purchased at Aphrodite).

  • When changing polish between appointment, use non-acetone polish remover and lint free cotton or gauze wipe.

  • Should any lifting occur between appointments, buff away the lifted area. Do not glue the area as this can trap bacteria.

  • Should area of lifted product be too large to remove by filing or visible discolouration is present, please arrange a nail repair appointment.

  • Wear gloves when doing household work, gardening or DIY.

  • Wash hands after applying any tanning, sunscreen, tinted lotion or hair products, this can discolour or damage your extensions.

  • Take care when opening ring cans and car doors.

  • If you have caught or broken a nail, please make a repair appointment.

  • Do not bite, pick or cut your extensions as this can damage your natural nails.

  • Do not pull your extensions off as you will take a layer of your natural nail off.

  • Always apply Nurture Lotion/moisturiser to hands after washing.

  • Never use your nail extensions as tools, treat them the way you would your natural nails.

  • Do not miss regular maintenance appointments.

  • Do not try to do home repairs or remove extensions yourself this could cause a lot more damage than you realise and cause bacterial infections. 

  • It is advised to carry out infills every 3-4 weeks otherwise the product will lose its flexibility and become weaker, due to wear and tear and incorrect structure. The chances of breaking the nails becomes higher.